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Welcome to tharawat

Tharawat Holding Co. is a responsible contributor to Saudi welfare and is set to become the regional Investment leader in charge of broadening the Saudi economic base, but is determined to do so by acting in a responsible manner. Every endeavor is underpinned by essential values, from the belief that organizations need to behave ethically and have a positive impact on the society in which they operate. They need to be based on diversity and inclusion, transparency, meritocracy and sustainability. 
The time for Investment Diversity is now and it's all about innovative, asymmetrical thinking and value-added services from eager new partners.

Investing in all areas related to the health sector and its components, related items and installations, which contributes to achieving strong returns for the group, by contrast, the development of the foundations of the sector through the province on the health care system to match international standards, working to invest in and develop continuously as one of the most important sectors in the Kingdomز