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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on a comprehensive and far-reaching economic diversification program that is set to transform a flourishing nation into a global capital with rich and diversified investment offerings, a large industrial base grasping the nettle of Labor empowerment and a world-class service sector in areas such as Finance and Media. Broadening economic opportunities for a fast-growing population is the biggest challenge for the Gulf’s economic superpower in the coming years. The reforms that have been instilled continue on putting the economy on a stronger footing.

Tharawat Holding Co. was established in 2008 and is recognized as a thriving and pioneering corporation in a wide range of investment scopes. It took the Holding strategic clarity and smart ventures to drive change in a market and region where developers are competing to outdo each other with evermore lavish and fantastic projects. Today, Tharawat Holding Co. aims to optimize effectiveness and efficiency in service and implementation mirroring the apex of customer satisfaction.

Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships with leading investment companies such as Al-Olaibi Group for Transports, Arkan Al-Solb Steel Co. and Kiram Investment & Development, Tharawat Holding Co. bolsters a powerful portfolio of businesses that supply the Saudi market with high-end quality products and services covering Construction & Real Estate, Medical, Education, Sports Development, Food & Beverage, Aquaculture, Telecommunications and Natural Resources Management.

Tharawat Holding Co. centers its mission around the prospects to export globally by expanding regionally, through incremental economies honed by sound business models and favorable synergies. Because the environment is increasingly challenging, while some organizations struggle to survive, others will emerge even stronger and that is the pledge Tharawat works by. To give companies an edge by making the right decisions, based on their unique strengths, and that is more critical than ever. Whether the goal is maintaining market position or improving it, flawless execution is a must. Having partnerships with the world's most successful companies through up cycles and down gives the Holding a versatile experience to help stakeholders all throughout the chain come out on top.

Tharawat Holding Co. focuses on rigorous risk management in challenging times, because the opportunities and the growth are indeed very alluring - the room for risk and therefore missteps is wide. Unnecessary risks or surprises should be leveraged into Prudential Investment Management that is attained with professional risk management skills that are the Holding’s essential hallmark. The team of experts, guided by the Chairman's foresight, identifies opportunities where the risks can be quantified and justified by their expected returns, helping to deliver a more reliable response to market volatility. It's an approach that is extended across a full range of asset classes, applying the experience of hundreds of veteran portfolio managers.

The key to supporting the Saudi economy is providing innovative and creative minority businesses in addition to the huge ones, and framing them with the right opportunities to grow in size, scale and capacity. Tharawat Holding Co. fosters firms by positioning them on a long-term employment and economic sustainability trend that benefits the communities around them. In the end, the routes to success always converge into one vision.

Passion and Integrity all the way to Excellence.